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Knowing what you need to safely and legally provide your laser treatments are an important part of buying your laser device.

When buying your laser machine from ecodiode, you will have the theory part of the training sent to you and practical machine training via zoom or what's app when you receive your machine. 

By completing the training, you’ll gain a Certificate of Training, which is necessary to gain insurance cover and to satisfy your local council if you plan to carry out treatments within the UK.

Our training will include:

  • Core of Knowledge 

  • Health and Safety 

  • The biology of hair growth and influences on growth

  • The biology of the skin and different skin types

  • The principles of 3 wave diode laser and machine operating

  • Machine instructions and operation

If devices are added to your diode machine additional training is provided:

  • The principles of Ng Yag laser Tattoo removal and machine operating

  • The principles of Ng Yag laser Carbon Facial and machine operating

  • The principles of 980 vascular laser and machine operating

  • The principles of Radio Frequency and machine operating

Work Desk

paperwork information


All local authorities and insurance companies have different guidelines, please check yours for the best information to what paperwork you need. We do our best to give you everything you need.

  • All our manuals are signed off by a GMC doctor to follow some local government guidelines

  • Advice on Local Rules for your clinic 

  • Consultation forms

  • Advice on data retention

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